Sea Cucumber Extract

Sea Cucumber Extract

Contrary to what the name might suggest, sea cucumber isn’t a plant or vegetable found in the sea. Rather, it’s a type of marine life characterized by leathery skin and an elongated body. They’re not restricted to any geographic location and can be found worldwide. There are over 1,717 identified species globally with a majority found in the Asia Pacific region where they are cultivated and then gathered for a consumption. They’re considered a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. They serve a key role ecologically where they recycle nutrients, break down detritus, and provide food for other key components of an ecosystem.



Culinary Role

As mentioned, sea cucumber makes for a rather Asian delicacy. In terms of texture, diners have described sea cucumber as being very slipper. It is commonly mixed with winter melon, conpoy, kai-lan, shiitake mushroom, and even Chinese cabbage after undergoing harvesting and drying. Much of the actual preparation of sea cucumber goes into its cleaning and boiling as well as stewing in meat broths to imbue the generally bland and tasteless ingredient with flavor. The reason they’re prized in Chinese cuisine is due to their alleged male sexual health benefits as well as its reputation as an effective aphrodesiac. But even modern science points to more practical and proven benefits specifically for its extract (SCE).


1. Sea cucumber extract prevents blood clotting.

In a study conducted by Brazillian scientists, it was found that sea cucumber extract contains potent anti-coagulant properties. This is due to it chondroitin sulfate content which has a proven ability to halt blood clotting. This is critical because unchecked blood clotting can be very, very dangerous and even fatal to health. It can lead to a condition known as a pulmonary embolism where clots accumulate in one’s lungs. This can restrict key blood flow and lead to death.


2. Helps wounds heal.

Related to the previous benefit, sea cucumber extract also contains properties that allow it to hasten recovery from wounds. This is tied with sea cucumber’s ability to itself rapidly regenerate damaged body tissue which studies find can be passed on to humans who consume it. This is tied to the arachnodic acid content of sea cucumber—a compound strongly tied to the healing of wounds. This makes the product perfect for those who are injury prone.


3.  Is a great source of protein.

Perhaps the best basic benefit of consuming sea cucumber extract is that it’s an excellent of protein. A study conducted by the Oregon Institute of Traditional Medicine has found that the protein content in sea cucumber far exceeds that of many other foods with the exception of egg whites. This is significant when interpreted in conjunction with a study from the prestigious Harvard School of Public Health which finds that high protein intake protects people from cardiovascular diseases.


4. Sea cucumber extract combats arthritis.

For older people, sea cucumber extract is an excellent option when used against diseases causing arthritis and pain in the joints. Again, this is tied with its high concentration of chondroitin sulfate—which is also a component of strong cartilage in the human body. When you lack it, you become more vulnerable to joint pains and arthritis. The benefits of sea cucumber extract in this regard are backed up by studies conducted by many prestigious sources.


5. Sea cucumber is powerfully anti-cancer.

Long believed by many Chinese traditionalists and extensively studied by Chinese scientists, sea cucumber extract is also believed to prevent cancer. These same studies point to the presence of a compound called philipnoside E which is very beneficial with regard to the inhibition of the formation of blood vessels believed to supply nutrients fueling tumor growth. Therefore, the use of sea cucumber extract can slow down tumor growth if not outright eliminate it.


6. Sea cucumber extract is anti-microbial.

Another key component of sea cucumber extract is called steroidal sapogennin. This is proven by laboratory studies to have a strong inhibiting effect on microbes and bacteria. Those same laboratory studies found that major human bacterial agents like escerichia coli, aeromonas hydrophilia, and pseudomonas aeruginosa were all very sensitive to the antagonizing effects of sea cucumber extract. This makes sea cucumber extract an effective complement to healthy everyday regimens.


7. potently anti-inflammatory.

For those experiencing a range of constant and debilitating pains, sea cucumber extract’s anti-inflammatory activities presents a great alternative treatment. This was found to be true in a study conducted in Malaysia on test subjects. A steady intake of sea cucumber extract reduced inflammation. This was found to be due to the presence of glucosamine, mucopolysaccharides, and again chondroitin are the compounds most responsible for this particular benefit. This makes the extract great for those undergoing pain treatment.


8. Sea cucumber extract combats fatigue and boosts immunity.

Perhaps the greatest benefits for a hectic, stressful modern age, sea cucumber extract is also effective in fighting of exhaustion and supporting the body’s natural immune system. The polypeptides within the extract are responsible for this effect. Consumed orally, sea cucumber extract improves stamina, resistance, and boosts energy levels. This is perfect again for those who are constantly busy and getting far less sleep and rest than they would like to get.


9. Sea cucumber extract improves oral health.

Surprisingly, sea cucumber extract also has some great dental effects that benefit its user. Using the extract as a mix with toothpaste makes it more beneficial for those who have teeth and gum problems—the later more so. This is tied in with the aforementioned anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wound healing properties of sea cucumber extract. That’s why the mix is particularly recommended for those who suffer from constant oral health problems.

Sea cucumber extract is a versatile and dynamic traditional option for many problems that affect the modern person. So long as the process of extraction is careful and reliable, it can be a great supplement to day to day life. What’s key to this is to get a supplement that is reliable and proven.


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