Chanca Piedra for Kidney Stone

Chanca Piedra for Kidney Stone

A number of scientific studies since the 1960s has supported Chanca Piedra’s efficacy as a herbal medicinal system. Some of the wide-ranging and demonstrated effects include: liver protection, kidney stone expulsion, pain relief, hypertension and spasm mitigation, viral and bacterial elimination, and even blood sugar maintenance. Indian and Brazilian research teams were the first to truly research in-depth these claimed medicinal benefits owing to the fact that the plant is indigenous in their areas.


The Clinical Findings

What’s important to note in these cases is that their findings correlate strongly with the claimed benefits of continuous use by the indigenous population. Much of their clinical studies were done using extracts and purified compounds from the plant itself. Additional research done at Brazil’s Federal University of Saint Catarina in 1984, revealed that phyllanthoside in the stem and leaves make for great relaxing agents which makes them effective at expelling kidney stones.

This makes the plant particularly valuable in North America where gall and kidney stones are a particularly serious problem. These stones form when urine is too highly concentrated. This, in turn, is caused by long term dehydration, infection, magnesium deficiencies and so much more. The condition causes tremendous pain in the back and pelvis. With over 20 million sufferers, it’s been a boon to have a herbal supplement to aid doctors in their efforts to combat the disease.


Effects of Chanca Piedra

Another later study in Brazil’s Paulista School of Medicine in 1990 was one of the first to use humans in clinical trials. Each were given a tea treatment over the course of between one and three months. The findings showed an increase of urine output as well as more efficient excretion of sodium and creatine from the body. A later study in 1999 added to this study and showed that the tea actually effectively aided in the breakdown of existing kidney stones.

This was further strengthened in a 2002 study where the bladders of laboratory rats were seeded with calcium oxalate crystals—they were then treated with extracts of Chanca Piedra. Not only did the extracts inhibit stone growth, but what stones were developed passed easily out of the system via urination. These studies ultimately showed the effectiveness of the treatment in pushing out stones.


Other Known Effects


As Diuretic, Hypoglycemic, and Hypotensive

An Indian study in 1995 looked at the other aspects of Chanca Piedra. They gave the extract to human subjects—particularly those exhibiting symptoms of high blood pressure. They found that there was a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure. This was accompanied by an increase in the urine and sodium excreted—both being great on the body. These findings were not surprising given that it has long been sold in tablet form as a diuretic in India. The specific chemical responsible was later found to be geraniin. Lastly, it was also discovered in the same study that blood sugar levels were also significantly reduced in humans.


Against Hepatitis

It was also found in the 1980s to have a potent effect against Hepatitis B. Initial studies were done on children suffering from infective hepatitis. Because of the promising results, further studies were conducted. These, in turn, showed that Chanca is effectively eliminated Hepatitis B within 3 to 6 wees. All these were backed up by even more studies that followed shortly after. This has lead many to claim that it is one of the most effective natural remedies for Hepatitis B—which affects a staggering 350 million globally. A prominent scientist by the name of Dr. Baruch Blumberg has stated that it has the power to clear up the chronic carrier state of Hepatitis B, effectively neutralizing the virus before it can wreak havoc.


Against HIV

Interestingly enough, even something as deadly as human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is responsive to treatments with Chanca Piedra. This was discovered by a Japanese research group who found a powerful effect in the simplest water extract of the plant. Specifically, it was found that a compound within, called niruside was responsible for its inhibitive effects. Further studies by a German research group tagged the rate of inhibition at between 70 to 75%.


A Potential Anti Cancer

Perhaps one of the key discoveries with regard to it has to do with the discovery of its capability to stop and inhibit the mutation of cells exposed to substances known to cause cancer. While the tests have so far been done on animals, researchers are positive that the inhibition enzymes within the plant can be refined and used for human trials in the future. It’s important to note that the effect isn’t toxic elimination of cancerous cells. Rather what happens is inhibition or limitation of effect. This is great news as it indicates safety for the overall functioning of the human body.

Given all these, it’s clear that it makes for a very potent herbal supplement to those suffering from problems with the bladder, kidney, liver and more. The powerful detoxification effects brought about its use is well-documented and is a perfect alternative medicinal source for anyone. Whether taken as a tablet or as a tea, Chanca Piedra is a something that everyone can benefit from—provided the source is legitimate and careful studies and crafting go into its formulation.

Apart from those mentioned above, it is strongly recommended too for those with diabetes. Because it lovers the blood sugar levels, it can be taken by diabetics to aid in the alleviation of their primary symptoms. The best part is that, like all of its other effects, it works simply by actively stopping glucose absorption and improving glucose storage—both of which are processes that aren’t harmful to the body at all.

With no known harmful side effects, Chanca Piedra Kidney stone breaker  is a herb that can be safely taken by anyone. Be cautious only if you have special health conditions like pregnancy and always consult a physician. Otherwise, anyone can take this.